The Hidden Messages in Water

 The Hidden Messages in Water   by Masaru Emoto is one of my favorite books.  A picture says a thousand words or seeing is believing.  Emoto writes: “The vibration of good words has a postiive effect on our world, whereas the    vibration from negative words has the power to destroy.  There are also fascinating differences generated in the crystals when the water is shown different words, such as ‘gratitude’ or ‘stupid’.  These crystals are filled with lessons  concerning how we should— and must— live our lives.”  That is why I believe the Bless Your Heart mugs and water bottles can make a difference in our daily lives.  First of all, every time you raise the mug or glass to your mouth you will be reminded of a blessing.  Secondly, I believe Blessyourheart actually changes the vibration of the water.  Enjoy.

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