Positive energy

Positive Energy  250x250Today’s Coloradoan had an article Use your energy to pick others up, Katy Piotrowsk, http://m.coloradoan.com/business/article?a=2013306160014&f=1139 .  Katy didn’t mean to “pick them up” but to rather bring their energy up. Bruce Schneider, author of “Energy Leadership believes that through conscious effort, we can raise our own level and positively influence the energy of those around us.  Yes, I do too.  By simply sending a Blessing you are raising the energy around you and yours as well.

I couldn’t tell if the author of the article or Schneider believes “Once you’re able to read a person’s energy level, you can challenge yourself to raise it.”  You don’t have to be able to read another’s energy.  In fact, you have no business “reading” another person.  Actually you can get a good sense of most people’s energy just by being in proximity to them.  And you don’t have to read it to see if they are up or down.  The simplest thing to do is send a Blessing regardless of where they or you are, in the current moment.

The author tried her own experiment which is described in the article.  You can do this.  Access how a situation and the feeling it invokes in you and then send a Blessing.  Enjoy the energy.

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