Valentine Blessings February 2, 2013: What does a Blessings mean to you?

angelBlessings mean different things to different people. For some it is something that revolves around faith but at other times it seems inappropriate to bless.  We’ve all greeted another by saying “how you doing” when in fact we really didn’t care about the answer.  It was just polite conversation like, saying “bless you” when someone nearby sneezes.   Then for those in the south, it connotes someone is in need of a few more bricks.  I’ve been there and I’ve thought of Blessings in all of these situations.

My view of a blessing changed when I read On the Wings of Heaven, G W Hardin with Joseph Crane.  As I read the angels messages in The Scroll of Blessings, The Scroll of Giving and the Scroll of Deeds, I knew I wanted to incorporate their message into all levels of my life.  I wanted to feel the depth of conscious Blessings.  On some level I already knew how I would feel.  As I intentionally blessed those in my life, I became aware of the awesome power of Blessings given from the heart, to the heart.  And so my journey began in creating, Bless Your Heart.

What does a Blessing mean to you?

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