“Life changes, as do seasons.  Seek to say, AWE” – author unknown. 

Sometimes, seasons change overnight.  I think we have had 4 winters this year and 3 starts to spring.  With each major weather change, the collective cry wants the opposite.  We seem to always be in a rush to experience the next season, when the current one has not even run its course.  The same can be said for the phases of our life.  We are always ready to move to the next event, missing the present.

In Mother Nature’s wisdom, comes patience.  I would have preferred not feeding hay to the horses knowing there is great spring grass just under the blanket of May snow.   But I know the native pastures are getting much needed moisture that will sustain their growth for the summer months to come. 

As I walked to the barn, in the quiet, there was a moment when everything stood still.  I took it in; the wet, the cold, the stillness, the light, the beauty.  It was a sudden change, but I knew our 4th start to spring was a few days away.  I was comforted in knowing all is good, all are safe.    

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