Our Colorado winter just keeps hanging around.  Hope springs eternal and that is what is on everyone’s mind.  When will it be Spring and when will it stick around for a while?  Everyone s ready to soak in the sunshine, enjoy the outdoors in shirtsleeves and plant in their gardens.  However, Mother Nature is the boss with no one telling her when and what to do.

In life we find ourselves in many situations wondering what we can do to either help or fix things.  Normally even though there may be a lot to “fix”, there is nothing for us to “do” that will change matters.  When you find yourself in this situation and feel powerless, simply bless the situation and the people involved.  This is very powerful and brings a positive  environment to all involved including yourself.

And the weather:  simply bless the weather for  “No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips it’s turn” – Hal Borland.


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