Magic Wand

Ever wish you had a magic wand?  We have those times when we just want to go poof, wave our wand, and it is a done deal.  We just do not have the patience or energy to invest in getting to the end result.  It takes a lot of effort to be conscious and accounted for.  And we are so brilliant in our needs and desires, we know what we “want” is the best thing for us, right?    Maybe.

I believe in the magic of intention.   Create an intention in the present moment as if it has already occurred.  Remember to include the emotion that you will feel when the intention is realized. 

As life unfolds, be conscious of your surroundings and what comes across your path.  Be aware and monitor your thoughts?  Do you have any stinkin thinkin or “ah ha” moments when you realize a pattern or synchronicity has occurred?  If your intention is aligned with the Universe, it is more likely to occur.  Lastly, when you are nudged to take an action, step to the plate and do it.  The more actions you take that align with your intention, the more it will feel like your normal state of being.  Fake it, till you make it very often works.

This is your magic wand.  Intention is powerful and it is available to all of us.

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