The eagle in the native American tradition is the only animal to have touched the face of God.  It is a symbol of spiritual power, illumination, and aids in creation. The eagles have been on my radar for the past two weeks.  On my path, sitting on fence posts where I have never seen them before.  Literally flying at the window in whatever room in my house I am standing.  And during our March blizzard, they took my breath away as I observed them in the mating ritual locking talons and falling in a sky dance.  Hard to miss their majesty.  

Their message . . . it is time to bring forth new Bless Your Heart posts to soar, swoop, dive, and hover, using the winds of the Universe, to achieve great heights.  The message as always is simple . . .  simply bless others that come into your life daily.  Collectively we will develop our wings and fly.  

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