The concept of Easter, in most traditions is the celebration of rebirth & renewal, of life restored.  Many of you would say, “I thought that was New Year’s”?  In a manner of speaking both days bring about hope and determination for brighter days ahead. 

How can you be brighter, do happier things day to day?  One way . . . smile, even under your mask.  It will light up your eyes and send that vibration out to your intended.  And yes, of course, send a blessing to those you come in contact with.  Again, even if a silent blessing, the vibration will carry.

“Never, no never, did nature say one thing and wisdom say another” -Edmund Burke.  The grass is starting to green up, the birds are singing and the wildlife are getting ready to bring forth their young.

It is time for us to celebrate life and put our energy into renewal and growth.  Happy Easter.

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