The Blessing of Peace on Earth

Rikki 400x355My message for this New Year is the Blessing of Peace.  I have a wonderful video that I sent to my family and friends to remind them of peace and the beauty that surrounds us.  If we only take a minute to slow down and stop doing.  It’s about slowing down and allowing the beautiful colors, light, shapes and sounds to flow to us and through us.

Believe me, I know how to be busy.  I had twelve ++ in the house over Christmas.  Every room was full and every meal a production.  I really didn’t have time to sit down and chat with anyone for more than a minute.  I was the CEO, CFO and COO of Christmas.  Everyone else had their to-do lists that were inportant to them.  For me, it was getting us all together at this special time in one place.

I had to take quite a few minutes every morning to sit and wait for the light to come over the meadow.  The light would hit the horses and they would soak up the first rays.  The light would cast shadows and and create amazing colors on the ground and in the sky.  The light would say, another day is breaking and like the horses, soak it in.  I had to take a deep breath of the calming wave of peace to start my day.  Enjoy the video and feel free to pass it on in peace.

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