Spirituality is key to happiness

Post May 29th350x233Spirituality is key to happiness. I’ve heard this before but haven’t really found any scientific proof to substantiate this claim. And I really don’t need proof. I know I draw from my beliefs in times of doubt, fear or trouble. I go to my Creator when I acknowledge my Blessings. Some people might just call this making positive choices when all else fails. Maybe.

Paula David-Laack, JD, MAPP, an expert in the field of positive psychology, has studied happy people. “She found that happy people build strong social connections, practice gratitude, volunteer, don’t focus on material wealth, do focus on health and cultivate spiritual emotions.”

Davis Laack believes spiritual people seem to be happier and healthier, and recover from traumas more quickly. This connection to something larger than themselves leads to psychological wealth and happiness.
These beliefs are also key to setting and fulfilling our life goals and developing coping strategies for life challenges. The next time you need boost in your day, say a Blessing and give gratitude.

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