Earrings bling and bliss

Earring200x200Have you ever been a part of a professional photo shoot for products?  When I received the first sterling silver jewelry, water bottles and glass mugs I wanted to have great photos taken of them for promotional purposes.  After asking some friends, I talked to Jim Cambon at www.cambonstudios.com.  Jim specializes in the photography of bright and shiny things, such as cars, water fixtures, jewelry, guitars, etc.

We spent the day taking photos of the products for the website and publications.  Jim has a great eye and I learned a lot watching him pay attention to every little detail.  Every time I thought the shot was perfect, he would see something that wasn’t quite right.  Taking the photo of the earrings was really tricky as they had to be suspended in air, as when worn on the ear.  I suggested we place the charm on another piece of jewelry but Jim was determined to finish.  The charm is so versatile we could have added it to a necklace or as an add-on to a bracelet.  Jim wouldn’t give up and he spent another couple of hours the next day getting the photo perfect.

The same went for the water bottle.  The water had to be an exact temperature so as not to form too many bubbles when poured into the water bottle.  Any bubbles that did appear had to be cleaned away for the perfect shot.

We had fun and I was able to capture some great shots of Jim working, my friends kibitzing and the two dogs, Lucy and Murfy getting to know each other.  For some fun photo shoot shots, visit www.facebook.com/weblessyourheart.

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  1. It’s great when people do their job to the best of their abilities. Being a professional brings you great satisfaction. I am sure Jim is proud of his pics. This one here is excellent!

    • I have a good eye for a great shot but not the patience to work with the equipment. Thanks for stopping by. I could not find your website with the URL you provided. Cheryl

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