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I decided one of the trademark categories I wanted for Bless Your Heart was paper products.  I know what you are thinking “Why would you do that; we are becoming a paperless society?”   I agree and these products can be a part of our fast paced world.

Again, they are simple reminders.  For example the Bless Your Heart labels are quick and easy to use when sending a package.  Not only am I reminded but everyone that touches the package takes note.  To keep the reminders in front of me, I use the Bless Your Heart bookmarks in the many books I’m reading and I use the Bless Your Heart stickys for notes as I go about my day.  I keep my journal by my bedside to jot down my thoughts when I first wake up.  I love this quiet time as I attempt to capture the moment.

I know most of our correspondence these days is mobile and electronic.  However, there are those times when I want to acknowledge or thank someone with more than a quick email or text.  This is when I use my Bless Your Heart note cards and greeting cards.  I want the recipient to open the envelope and hold the note in their hand giving them the opportunity to keep the card for a time, as a remembrance.  The message comes from my heart to theirs and I think the cards add to this sentiment.

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