Cure with Blessings

There are many things that we consider less than perfect, so we want to cure, heal or correct the situation.  We judge the situation based on what we consider it “should” be.  Now that is dangerous territory.  If I see or hear something that takes me to a negative emotion, I simply bless it.  It took me a number of years to realize I usually have absolutely no control over another’s situation.  What I do have control of is my own actions.


I believe we can bring wholeness through blessings.  I know when I go to the place of sending a Blessing, from my heart; I stay out of the negative pity or judgmental place.  I avoid the victim consciousness and instead create wholeness.  I never know how this “wholeness” will manifest because I do not know what journey the person is on.  But I do know I haven’t added to the negative side of the equation.


I started Bless for the Cure as a way to bring this into consciousness.  I’m not the first to add Blessings to the list of traditional and non-traditional methods of healing.  But maybe my way of presenting the information is a little different and may appeal to a different mix.  If you have ideas on how or who to partner with, I’d love to hear from you.


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