Choose the New Year

rainbow, new year
Most of us are looking to make this next year “new” in some way. Whatever you want to connect to, start within yourself. It’s difficult to connect to what is out there if it is not already within you. For example, many people want world peace, but few people know peace in their own life.

Health and wealth are normally the cornerstones of many changes we seek. If you seek your ideal weight, how do you feel about choosing different foods and exercising? Do you feel empowered or angry at having to take responsibility? Are you fearful about making a career change that will create wealth in your life?

Choose your goal and then tap into your heart. What are you feeling? If it is not positive, then right there and then CHOOSE the feeling you want. Every time you feel a less than positive emotion stop and choose the positive. Patience, persistence and perseverance start from within your heart. You will be amazed as dysfunctional feelings pop up less and less. Soon you will have realized your goal. The new you for the new year. Enjoy your Blessings.

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