Hearts Everywhere You Look

Before I created Bless Your Heart, I never noticed that Southwest Airlines logo included a heart.  I flew with them frequently on my Arizona trips.  I know, I should have been more observant but it slipped by me.  After I created Bless Your Heart, I was returning on Southwest Airlines from a difficult trip to see my Mother.  My Dad had just passed away and we were all dealing with very tender hearts.  As I sat in my seat and closed my eyes, I took a deep breath and began to think of what I would work on when I returned home.  I was mentally going over my lengthy to-do list, so that I could launch Bless Your Heart.   I asked for support and guidance as I was very emotional and did not feel very creative.  After a few minutes I opened my eyes and pop, there it was.   Southwest Airlines beautiful logo was right on the seat back in front of me.

Now for me, this was very funny and very appropriate.  Their heart logo even has “wings”.  I smiled and knew I was on the right track.  You see I also need reminders to keep my heart open. When we get emotionally, physically and/or mentally drained we forget to open our hearts and trust the good to flow.  That’s why I created Bless Your Heart.  The Bless Your Heart logo is an everyday reminder for our everyday life.

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