I Blesson300x230Chances are you have never heard of the word “implicity” but you think it sounds familiar. That’s because it is an abbrev. Urban Dictionary describes an abbrev as an abbreviation of the word abbreviation. It’s a common word for describing the language of talking in shortened versions of words;

At Bless Your Heart, we have fun mixing abbrevs with the word “bless”. So with implicity, we get Blessimplicity. Another example is Blessisimo; beautiful. We picked topics like food for example and started brainstorming: Blesscolate, Blesspresso, Blessveg, Blessomatic, Blessreen, Blessganic, Blessips, Blessoodie, etc. In fact we enjoy this so much we published Blesson, a collection of Blessabbrevs.

Keep your eyes open for creative abbrevs for they are everywhere. You use them, be warned, your spellchecker will go into Blessverve and you will become a Blessaholic.

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