Sterling Silver

SP pendant 250x332Bless Your Heart sterling silver pendant is a favorite of mine and I wear it nearly every day.  I’ve worn it so long now that I can tap into the feeling of it on my neck. When I’m in an emotional or difficult setting, I’ll reach up and hold it as if to deepen my connection.   I am immediately taken to that place of peace.  The more I can stay in the heart centered place of my being, the better I feel.

My friend Lee Ann is a respiratory therapist at a local hospital.  She wears her pendant every day to work. It hangs right next to her stethoscope.  She knows she is surrounded with the Blessing vibration as she works.  Many times staff and patients ask her why she wears a “B” around her neck.  She’ll say “Well, it’s more than a B, it’s a heart.” She then takes the time to sit and have a meaningful conversation with her patient.

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