Heart Blessings

B_logoWhen I am at an event with the Bless Your Heart products, people will come up and say, “Is that a B or a heart”.  I love to tell them it’s both!  It represents Blessings from the heart.  The B is an easy association.  The word “heart” is a little trickier because there are so many different meanings attached to the word.

It was amazing to receive the trademarks on the Bless Your Heart logo because there are thousands of registered heart shapes.  When doing the research we discovered very few were canted as the B/heart and none were this simple.  I was excited to receive trademark registrations for all applications.

When I say “come from your heart”, I’m talking about the emotional heart.  If you Google “heart”, the first two sites on the first page are about a rock band and the remainder of the links is entirely medically oriented.   The same could be found on the second page of the search except for one site that seeks to bring a connection and compassion to and for all living things.  “Heart” is tricky, much like the use of the word “love”.  The April 13th blog post will be on the subject of love.

As I go to my heart to send a Blessing, I connect to the same feeling I have when I hold a new born baby.  I don’t have a specific name for that feeling but I know it and I feel it.  If I did put a word to it, the feeling would then be constrained and limited.  The feeling I have when I go to my heart is not constrained.  It is connected to all and all is possible.

I believe if we come from our heart when Blessing and stay out of our ego and mind, all will be good.

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