U1clouds 250x319Ubiquitous would have been a good word to use when I posted the Oneness blog.  Ubiquitous means:  present everywhere or in several places simultaneously; often encountered.  The Oneness is ubiquitous and so is the holographic universe.  I place Blessings in the same category for the vibration of a Blessing affects everything.

Because Blessings are ubiquitous, we do not always know the effect it has on a situation.  In fact, most of the time, we will never know the outcome after sending a Blessing.  It’s so human of us to want to know the cause and effect.   Animals don’t do this.  They don’t expect or judge actions and outcomes.  They simply allow.

Most of us are unconscious as we go about our day.  My motto:  “Be conscious and accounted for.”  Know that when you bless, the fullest vibration possible is influencing the situation.  Your job is to trust it.

Photo courtesy of www.runningdogphotography.com

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