When I look north out my window, this photo is the image I see.  I never get tired of it whether, day break, sunset, winter, spring, summer or fall.  The light and shadows are always different.  When storms are approaching, rain or snow often fills the canyons prior to arriving at the house.  It is awesome.


Hiking up to the top of this rock formation and looking back over and down at the prairie is magical.  It is as if I am looking out over a vast ocean a few million years ago.  I feel very blessed but also very small and insignificant.

Some people that come to this ranch country are very uncomfortable.  They may be from an area with many trees and hillsides and need the familiarity of surrounding vegetation or from a large city where the tall buildings bring comfort.  The immense vista of a prairie can be overwhelming for them.

On the other hand, I actually prefer a wide open vista.  When I have traveled to the NE and NW, I get very uncomfortable after about the 3rd day.  I need to look out for a great distance and then I can take a deep breath.

What surroundings allow you to take a deep breath and feel like you are home?

Gratitude to for this great photo.

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    • When I want to work with a piece of my consciousness that is in resistance, I go to my “place of peace” and tap into it and have a little one on one. Great practice and fascinating.

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