PaperProducts_allI have agreed to post a blog every day for the month of April in the A-Z Challenge blog, Like I need another challenge in my life? My postings will be all about Blessings from the heart. I will expand on the why, where, when, who and how of a Blessing. I will exclude religious practices because I think we have these pretty well covered.

I will write about those other times and places to Bless. Take for example the following situation. You are walking down the street and the person walking toward you reminds you of your aunt. This particular aunt, use to drive you crazy as a teenager. The first unconscious thing that happens to you is you remember those old feelings. More than likely, they were not positive, pleasant feelings. This is the perfect time and place to silently send a blessing to yourself and the person walking toward you and your aunt, wherever she may be.

It’s really hard to be aware of where our mind and feelings are taking us. And that’s what I’ll be blogging about. How and why it is so important to be aware and send a blessing instead of going to that stinkin thinkin place.

PS Blessa-z is an abbrev, an abbreviation of the word abbreviation. It’s a language of talking in shortened versions of words. In this case I’m Blessing the A-Z Challenge and all the participants.

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One comment on “Blessa-z

  1. Lovely!

    At night if I have a difficult time getting to sleep, which is actually rare, I say a blessing for each person from work until I fall asleep.

    Found you through the 2013 A-Z Blog Challenge. As a participant in this challenge I also nominate your for the Liebster Award, find out more about your nomination at

    I am looking forward to reading more about Blessings as we both participate in the challenge this year. I will be blogging about Forgiveness this year.

    Jodi 🙂

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