Power of Our Hearts

One day I was juggling my to-do list of legal and marketing deadlines for Bless Your Heart.  In the back of my head, I was thinking “why me”.  Why did I start this endeavor and why did I think the world “needed” it and why did I think I could do it.  There is a country song, “I knew what I was feeling but what was I thinking”.  My dear friend is G W Hardin, a New York Times bestselling author.  From his book, A World Beyond Belief, (DreamSpeaker Creations 2012) www.ofoneheart.net, G W wrote this section about and for me.  I took this message to heart.

“When you add to that the work you have put in to develop the Bless Your Heart line of products as a means and mechanism of spreading blessings wherever you go, to all you come in contact with, you have yet another metaphor as to how we must begin to see one another in this world … as blessings to one another … as vehicles for compassion and love, as instruments of blessing. What all of humanity ought to realize is that tremendous forces are here to assist all of humanity, as well as to be assisted by humanity.” …. “At our greatest depths lies our greatest love. Forget about wondering what you are supposed to do. After all, we are called ‘human beings,’ not ‘human doings.’ Just be completely and wholly who you are. At the center of that lie unconditional love, fathomless compassion, and a light that blinds eyes that have dwelt in darkness.”  …. “Our world is at a point where both you and I can no longer rest on hallowed ground like hermits in a cave. In the same way that I must find a way to talk about the supreme love that I have witnessed through the power of becoming, the power of being, so must you find a way to fully embrace your power of being fully who you are. It’s that important … to the point that these high celestial beings would go to the trouble of protecting.”  Oh yes, that’s what I was feeling!

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