Blessings from the heart are smart

Sky 11-7-7A 600x399It’s simple. Blessings from the heart are smart. Blessings have the power to change you and your world. This may sound oversimplified, impossible or idealistic but scientific research proves that blessings have a positive impact on the quantum energy field that is part of and around all of us.

Lynne McTaggart explores the science of intention in The Intention Experiment, and demonstrates that thought is something that affects humans, animals and even plants. We are all aware on subtle levels of the thoughts and feelings others have of us. As a part of the quantum field, we become entangled through our invisible consciousness.

As an experienced kinesiologist , I am fully aware of the invisible consciousness. When I teach a class on kinesiology, my students learn firsthand or firstarm, should I say that words and thoughts affect their personal energy. In fact, they learn that even though they may be saying one thing, if their thoughts are not the same as their words, the feedback they get will be off, opposite of what they are asking or just plain muddled. This will set the student up for distrust of the process, when in fact they were truly getting an answer to the question in their thoughts. Our thoughts are more powerful than our words.

So the next time you find yourself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation, put your powerful thoughts to work and send a silent Blessing from your heart.

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