Chance Encounters

I read an interesting article this month Imprinting can change your life by Sandi Squicquero, psychotherapist. What caught my attention was not imprinting but the reference to “chance meetings”. She said, “Most of the major events in life happen by chance . . .” That was a very powerful statement and I thought about the major events in my life and I could see the connections.

“Albert Bandura, a known psychologist and the originator of the Social Learning Theory, states, ‘Chance encounters play a prominent role in shaping the course of human lives.’ He looked at both positive and negative chance encounters and stated that positive thoughts and expectations may facilitate and enhance the experience of a chance encounter. “

Remembering to bless the next time you have a chance encounter will start the connection with positive thoughts and expectations. That’s why I have items from the Bless Your Heart® Collection in my everyday life. I want it foremost on my mind and in my heart when I meet someone.

Why the bug photo? I was planning a trip and looking for a house/dog sitter. I checked all my contacts and hit a dead end. Then, that same morning “the bug man” made a service call to spray for pests. As I walked up from the barn, this lovely lady said, “Hello, I’m Jane Doe and I’m riding with the bug man as he makes his calls”. We talked and I kept very consciously touching my Bless Your Heart® pendant. At the end of the conversation, we agreed to talk more. As it turned out, Jane had just recently experienced a deep loss and she was looking to change in her environment for a few days. The house sitting went very smoothly and it was nice for me to have someone care for my older dog at home. Jane and I had a positive chance encounter that I believe will become a lovely friendship.

Here is the link to Sandy’s article:

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