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Valentine’s Day is this weekend and it’s all about LOVE. We take time to show those special in our lives, that we care about them. It’s our true nature to show “someone” we care about them and in turn we hope we are cared about as well. It could be a family member, a friend, a lover, an animal or your partner. I heard this week that Americans will spend eight million dollars this year on Valentine gifts for their pets.

I think true love is felt more with our animals then our love relationships with people. We unconditionally love our animals as they were, as they are and as they will be in the future. They live their life as their breed directs and as our human environment allows. We will always be there for them and many times go to extreme measures to care for them.

Love between humans is so many times made to fit in a box that was defined by different aspects of our culture. But love does not fit in the black and white box that holds the rules we make up in our heads. We and our relationships are constantly changing. Love is created and radiates from the heart. It’s simple, look at your lover, friend, partner, family member as you would your pooch! (Only for brevity sake, did I leave out all the other animals.)

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