Heart Blessings

LMax  300x251The Bless Your Heart logo says it all.  Yes, the letter “B” is for “Blessings”.  However, the true essence of the logo is the heart shape.  For there are blessings and then there are blessings. 

Blessings can take on many different meanings depending on the surroundings.  When I would go to church as a youngster, I knew blessings were good and I was supposed to say them.  That’s what we recited every Sunday.  Surely good would come of it.  Then there are those blessings that come from some of our southern country women and men.  They are cheeky or they are said with tongue in cheek.  The voice can be condescending or just downright pushy but it is always said with southern charm.  And finally, there are times we judge a being or situation to be in need of a blessing.  We think we know what to expect.  We think we know what is better.

But these do not represent the essence of a Blessing from the heart.  A Blessing from the heart does not come from attitude and it does not have boundaries.  The closest feeling I know to Heart Blessings is the feeling I have when I look at and hold a new born baby.  Everything about the experience touches my heart.  The sight, sounds, smells and the expressions from those surrounding the new born makes a heart connection.  This is where I go when I send a Heart Blessing, straight to from my heart to yours.  Blessisimo.

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