I trademarked the Bless Your Heart logo on T-shirts and caps.  Both items are such a part of our everyday life, whether at home or out and about.  In Northern Colorado people wear tees and ball hats everywhere.  It part of our outdoors life and in fact folks can be seen wearing them when they go out to eat.  Many people don’t like the casualness of the dress but the horse is already out of the barn and we have gotten used to it.  Recognizing this as a part of our culture, I incorporated the Bless Your Heart logo on the mainstays of our wardrobes.

In the photo above, I was assisting the farrier in trimming my horse’s feet.  He said “What’s that “B” on your hat mean?”  I turned around and he saw “Bless Your Heart” on the back side.  He said, “Oh, I get it.  That’s fun.  Do a lot of people ask you that when you are wearing your shirt or hat?”  I said, “Not enough folks.  I love telling them about the logo.”  The T-shirts also have the logo on the back side of the neck because I believe we can bless them, coming and going.

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