Water is for Blessing

Wwaterbottle250x247Some of you may have read The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujQAk9EM3xg. In this book, photographs illustrate what words, music, photos and thoughts can do to water crystals.

I was able to experience this first hand when I was a part of an actual blessing of water.  In a workshop conducted by G W Hardin, I tasted the unblessed water; flat.  Then G W instructed us to bless the water as the angels had taught him.  We then tasted the blessed water.  I could taste the difference immediately.  In The Masters Return by Joseph Crane, edited by G W Hardin they write, “Others described how the chemicals were quite evident in the unblessed water while not present in the blessed water.  Still others described how smooth and spring like the blessed water tasted.  Many stated that the blessed water actually tasted sweet while the unblessed water tasted flat or dead.”

I created the Bless Your Heart water bottle so as to influence the vibration of the water.  The beautiful logo is always over the water before it enters my body.

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