Angels, fancy that

Aw175x258Scientists have confirmed what angels have stated in documented appearances: the power of blessing alters reality. I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true. Science is finally catching up with the spiritual world. Many of us avoid negative words, people, places or events because we know it can drag us down. But to stay elevated, do we remember to create the positive? I think not.

I took the message from the angels in On the Wings of Heaven by G W Hardin with Joseph Crane literally to heart, The angels said we can build a brick mansion with blessings. Each blessing is a brick. As I read on, the angels also talked of adding bricks to our mansion with our gifts and good deeds. This is a wonderful book if your interest lies with the angelic realm. They are asking us, if we so choose, to be conscious or as I say “conscious and accounted for”. The book sparked my interest because I knew there was a place for these angelic teachings in the everyday world.

As a kinesiologist, I knew I could just think a blessing and make a change and create a brick as the angels said. I read scientific research proving that blessings and other positive intentions have a positive impact on the quantum energy field that is part of and around all of us. So I knew the angels and the scientists were right; fancy that. This is easy to remember in a religious or spiritual setting. But we live in a fast paced world of new apps with access to sounds, sights and images which all create emotions. There are distractions each way we turn. I set about to create a method to incorporate Blessings into our everyday world. The next time your world goes a little crazy remember to simple bless.

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