Joy is almost a foreign concept to most of us.  We have fun, we relax, we recreate, but pure joy?  Joy is such an abandoned feeling.  Nothing else enters my mind when I am joyful.   I forget my worries and let go; sometimes act silly.  I feel joy when I’m around children or my animals, especially my grandchildren.  When they start acting silly and giggling, it’s pure joy to me.  I can let myself go and get into the moment where everything else is in the periphery.  Joy can be loud and silly or quiet and profound.

The dictionary defines joy as, vivid emotion of pleasure and extreme gladness.  I get pleasure and gladness from a great wine, fine food, a glorious sunrise and a new born foal but it’s not vivid or extreme.

When I really experience joy, I am in the moment.  Not in the past or the future but truly the very moment I am experiencing.  I don’t want to even use the word “time” because it implies there is a tracking mechanism in place.  In pure joy, it is only now, right now, that I am experiencing.  It would be pure joy to feel silly and giggly, like these two babies in the bathtub, on a daily basis.

J Children  300x236


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