Winter Solstice

Nancy Ogren, MoonWays Guide, brings us a wonderful message for the Winter Solstice and the Capricorn New Moon.  Feeling the consistency and stability we can set real doable goals for our future.  To help this take shape, stop repeating the old dysfunctional patterns and focus on your bigger truth and potential.  With this burst of energy we are being given a green light to move forward making breakthroughs possible.  So be aware and accountable for your thoughts and actions and watch them materialize.  “Be aware, be alive, be open, and allow yourself to agree with your focused intentions for this cycle, that you can and will manifest for you and those in your life, a new commitment to creating and living a clear and productive vision of your own, wondrous future!”  Or as we say at Bless Your Heart, be conscious and accounted for.  Enjoy your Blessings



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