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Birthdays or more specifically, my birthday, is always a time of reflection.  This year I’m in a place of  . . . how did I get this age?  I was just in my 30’s last time I checked.  NOT.  I say I’m going to remember to choose things that make me happy and healthy but it usually is not my first choice.  I’m too busy thinking of my ongoing “to do” list. I look at my family and think of the lives they have ahead of them and then I look at my 93 year old Mother and think of the life she has lived.  I am very fortunate for I have many blessings, so right now, I’m making a choice to put my “to be” list at the top.  I am a human being, not a human doing.  My “to be” list will be combined with my “I am” list, so that I can stay in the present.  Please remind me of this next year when I once again roll into that reflective place. 

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