Butterfly Effect

butterfly; butterfly effect;

The butterfly effect occurs when a “small change in one state of a nonlinear system results in a large difference in a later state.”-Wikipedia.  Simply put: small causes may have large effects in general.
Popular culture supposes that each event can be explained by finding the small reasons that caused it. But, Dizikes explains: “It speaks to our larger expectation that the world should be comprehensible – that everything happens for a reason, and that we can pinpoint all those reasons, however small they may be. But nature itself defies this expectation.”
We most likely will never know what effect our small and sometimes silent kind thought or blessing, has on another.  Many times unknown, the sender and the receiver and those associated may feel large effects.  Our responsibility is to send the blessing and then get out of the way.  Expectations only disrupt this free-flowing phenomena.  Think of the butterfly, silent, flying effortlessly.

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