Love Wins

rock, rose petals
It’s so much fun to teach a child how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Their eyes light up when they understand how to play, followed by giggles when they win.  A couple of weeks ago my friend posted on Facebook a delightful story about teaching her 5 year old son this simple game.

“Alex made up a new move in Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It is LOVE, and it beats everything.  Yes, it does sweet boy”.

Love wins every time, just as blessings do.  Their story reminded me of the above photo.  I always save rose petals to toss in the air and make a wish.  Kind of like, blowing out birthday candles.  These beautiful soft pink petals landed on the very colorful, yet hard rocks, totally changing the feeling.  And yes, my wish did come true.

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