Simply Bless

We were all taught that when you give, you also receive.  When you send a blessing, you are also sending a blessing to yourself. For what goes around, comes around . . . full circle.

Blessings resonate in our hearts as we are touched by love, friendship and the beauty of nature surrounding us.  Are you inspired by a happy memory, a cherished handwritten note or a beautiful sunset?  When we come from our heart we allow all that is, to be one within.

The Bless Your Heart® Collection was created to reflect this heart connection.  For yourself, a complete stranger or that someone special in your life, including your animals, this jewelry and lifestyle collection is an everyday reminder to . . . simply bless.

With your order, we will gift you a stainless steel Bless Your Heart® charm that you may place on your pet’s collar, your horse’s halter, your key chain or beautifully give to another.

From my heart to yours.

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