Power of Hado

I just recently learned of the Japanese concept of Hado. It is centuries old and translates to “wave and move”, describing the energy that is present in all things, living and inanimate. Energy, including our thought forms, affect our physical world, i.e. our space, others and ourselves. Our thoughts do not just stay in our mind but literally create the world around us.

It is hard to be aware of our thoughts and to stay in positive intentions. So much of our world centers around the drama. When you find yourself following the negative rhetoric, tell yourself to “stop it” and refocus. Hado, aka, Blessing, can change the world around you. It all starts with you and your thoughts. Just stop your thoughts for a moment, take a deep breath and simply Bless . . . loved ones, strangers, space, animals, your meal. Your world will change one Hado, one Blessing at a time. Just watch.

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