Mindfulness is a new buzzword.  It was last weeks’ Time magazine’s cover article and there is even a magazine, Mindful.  The techniques, when practiced, are meant to quiet a busy mind.  It is to help us stay in the present and forget about the past and the future.

Technology has made it easier to multitask.  “In a time when no one seems to have enough time, our devices allow us to be many places at once–but at the cost of being unable to fully inhabit the place where we actually want to be.” Time Magazine

I am guilty of this BUT not when I am with horses.  When I am training, riding or working with alternative healing modalities, I am totally focused on the animal.  When training, I am constantly looking for a visual clue so that I can release the pressure.  When riding, I stay focused on what I am asking the horse to do.  If I don’t know what I want, how will he know what to do?  That is a disaster waiting to happen.  Lastly, when working with them to facilitate changes in their bodies using alternative methods, I am waiting for information to come to me as to how to assist the animal.  My “mind” must be totally still so as not to miss any information.

That is when I am most mindful and I feel totally in a different place then when engaged in most of my other activities.  I am unaware of time, nearby chatter and many times the weather.  For me mindful is clearing and then focusing my mind.  It brings harmony and peace and I feel blessed to be in this space.

Photo:  I am using the Q1000 soliton laser on Pete’s spine.

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